Lost Edge

Private Tattoo Studio in Austin

A Comfortable Space To Realize Your Tattoo Vision

Get The Expert-Designed, Custom Tattoo You Envision

Your Story, Your Philosophy, Your Idea - In Ink

Creating art is only part of our job as tattoo artists. True artistry in tattoos requires us to be listeners, interpreters, and mediums for a vision in someone else’s mind’s eye.

This is where we want lost edges. In painting, an edge is where one brush stroke, color, or shape meets another. A lost edge softens the line, bridging two elements into a smooth, subtle, seamless transition. I believe the process of working with your artist should be collaborative – bridging the gap between your unique vision and an expert design that brings it to life.
Realizing your vision also requires your input. I want to bring you into the creative process – even if you don’t feel like the creative type. The thoughts, ideas, motivations, and feelings are in you. I’ll help you pull them out and turn them into art. Are you down to prepare some inspiration, talk through the concept, and be here as I design your piece for a perfect fit?
Then you’re the perfect client to work with Lost Edge. Come get a unique piece of art that feels like what you walked into the shop to create.

Want a custom tattoo, but afraid it won’t come out right?

I’ve had bad tattoo experiences. With enough tattoos, we all have. Why do they happen? Maybe the artist didn’t
understand or seem interested in your idea. Maybe they couldn’t focus. Maybe the shop was uncomfortable and not
conducive to inspiration and flow.
I created Lost Edge to ensure this never happens. I’m on a mission to make a tattoo you’re proud to wear for life. One that’s associated with a positive, comfortable, successful tattoo experience.
I’ll consult with you every step of the way, with no pressure and no sales pitch. I’m here to share knowledge and create exceptional art.
No more misinterpreted tattoo ideas, no more distractions, no more uncomfortable sessions.
Just you, your artist, and your idea, executed masterfully.

A Comfortable Environment To Help Us Cultivate Your Idea

Control the Space (If You Want) and Take It At Your Own Pace

I created Lost Edge with understanding and empathy about what it’s like to get a tattoo. I chose a space with little touches that increase comfort and creativity, including vaulted ceilings and huge windows for natural lighting and a sense of openness.

Anything that’s changeable in the environment, you can control. Do whatever makes you comfortable. A great tattooing experience should incorporate anything you need to feel taken care of during the process. It’s not just about our art. It’s about the process to help us get there.

You can:
And as a solo space with one artist and one client, we’ve got 24-hour access to work as we please. If you’re a night owl, no worries. Let’s work late. Morning person? All good. I’ll make sure everything’s ready to get started when you are.
All these things are optional. Clients tell me I have good taste in a variety of musical genres. I’m happy to help you find something new to enjoy, keep it quiet while we work, or take full control and bring you into my world.

Inspired by Hundreds of Visits and Guest Spots at Shops Around the World

I’m obsessed with set and setting. I’ve been to hundreds of shops. Whether I’m there as a guest artist or finding an opportunity on vacation to visit the best local shops and see how they work, I look for the details that make a space feel inspiring. The environment matters.
The best shops create an amazing space—an experience—something that creates a vibe that matches the level and aesthetic of the art.
I inject what I like about art and tattooing into the shop, including the fine art I display and the art I create. The studio contains what I want to be around when tattooing and would want to be around when getting tattooed.

And as a studio with no other artists or clients present during the process, the focus is always on you.

I can’t say enough good things about Cory’s work. He did all of my tattoos. That raven with the womans face? Yeah, I wear that proudly every day. It’s been a pleasure to see and then wear the amazingly creative designs he comes up with for me every time I go for another tattoo.


black and gray crow and face tattoo by Cory James
Cory James is an AMAZING Tattoo artist!!! I’ve been seeing him for over a year now, and he has made my idea come to life!!! Cory has always been very receptive to any amount of pain I’ve been feeling, and makes sure I’m ok after every break we take! I would recommend him to anyone looking for gray scale and detailed work.


Surreal sleeve tattoo by Cory James

Exclusive Access to Your Artist

Open Communication Before and After, with 100% Focus On You During Your Session

Tattoo artists can be hard to connect with. They’re doing art and running a business, performing their services while trying to deal with new client inquiries or questions from existing clients. I handle this problem by working with an assistant who is always available for inquiries. While I’m available and happy to answer questions, she helps me communicate with clients more effectively, so balls never get dropped and all feedback and questions get addressed.
With an assistant to streamline communication, this means you get 100% of my focus once you arrive for your tattoo.
Another problem with many traditional shops is the amount of noise and distraction. Wandering eyes from other clients and input from other artists don’t help the process. When someone comments, whether critical or positive, it can shift the direction of the art.
At Lost Edge, whether you’re getting tattooed by me or a guest artist, the collaboration is two-way. No more.

Open Communication Before and After

with 100% Focus On You During Your Session


My process starts with understanding what you want and how you feel about it. If there’s a story you’re trying to tell, I use dialogue to draw it out, trying to provoke thoughts and emotions. This ensures the tattoo is completely personalized to you.


I outfit Lost Edge with the latest and greatest digital and analog tools and equipment. The design area has an iPad, iMac, and MacBook with the up-to-date design software. It also has a large drawing table for taking digital mockups and finishing them out with detailed handwork.


Finally, we’ll get the design started on tattoo stencil transfer paper. We’ll get the placement perfect and apply the stencil so you can see how it’ll look on your body before we start inking.


We’ve set the stage for perfection, now it’s time to execute. Depending on the size of the tattoo, this may be half a day, a day, or days long. We’ll take it at your pace and make sure you’re comfortable the whole time.

The Lost Edge Philosophy

My “why” guides what we do at Lost Edge. While our values shouldn’t be rigid, it’s important to establish principles as a way of guiding our actions. This is the why of how I ink.

I’m about: